Research Data Alliance meet and greet Australia tour

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Research Data Alliance meet and greet Australia tour
10 Jul 2019

Research Data Alliance meet and greet Australia tour

Are you curious about the Research Data Alliance (RDA)? Interested in learning how you can engage with RDA initiatives? Do you know about Australia’s influence on global data solutions through participation in RDA? 

Ahead of the first Australian RDA plenary in 2020, the RDA and the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) are collaborating to present an “RDA meet and greet tour” in Australia from 22 July to 8 August. The tour provides an opportunity to find out more about the work of RDA and to meet Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretary General. 


For the Australian eResearch community, the benefits to engaging more closely with RDA can be grouped into three categories.

The first benefit is the opportunity to adopt RDA Outputs. There are now 30 outputs covering a diverse range of data-related areas, and more are being developed all the time. This means that you do not have to reinvent the wheel but can adopt existing global standards and approaches.

The second, is the ability to influence the development of these outputs. This might be through membership and participation in the working and interest groups. For example, participation may include commenting on draft outputs or a new groups’ establishment documents, or by establishing a new group to solve a problem that you care about. RDA is a great platform for recruiting global experts to help you solve your problems!

The third, is to connect with data professionals across the globe and become part of a vibrant, international community working together to solve research data interoperability challenges.


Tour dates and locations:

  • Wednesday 24 July – ARDC office, Canberra, 10am – 12pm
  • Friday 26 July – Monash University, Melbourne, 9am – 11am
  • Thursday 1 August – New Law Building, University of Sydney, 10am – 12pm
  • Friday 2 August – University of Queensland, Brisbane, 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday 6 August – University of Western Australia, Perth, 10am – 12pm

Registrations for the events are now open.