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Why Join RDA as an Organisational Member?

(download a flyer here of the information below)

Organisational Members provide an organisational perspective of RDA, influence its direction, and assist in the implementation and adoption of RDA’s Recommendations. For many global organisations RDA is a vehicle to help incorporate data sharing and reuse solutions and practices.

Organisational Assembly (OA) and Organisational Advisory Board (OAB)

All organisations that become RDA organisational members join the Organisational Assembly. The Organisational Advisory Board is a sub-committee of the whole OA, acting as an executive committee representing the interests of the Organisational Members.

In more detail, the purpose of the OAB is to ensure that Organisational Members' inputs and needs play a role in guiding the programs and activities of RDA. The OAB meets monthly by teleconference and in-person at the bi-annual RDA plenaries to provide guidance on RDA business operations, oversight of Interest Groups (IG) and Working Groups (WG), and outreach to the larger community.  Specifically, the OAB is charged with:

  1. Providing organisational and operations advice either at the request of the Secretary General or the RDA Council or to express issues raised among the organisational membership with regard to the directions, processes, and mechanisms of RDA to the Secretary General and/or Council.
  2. Providing input to the Secretary General and the Secretariat on organisational needs; for example, with the goal of encouraging the formation of Interest Groups or Working Groups or other actions that could be taken by RDA to meet organisational needs.
  3. Interacting with the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) during the review of IG and WG proposals to provide guidance on overlap and synergies with other RDA and community efforts.
  4. Encouraging and facilitating the adoption of relevant RDA outputs among organisational members to drive broad adoption.
  5. Collaborating with the TAB to review mid-point and final Working Group Recommendations and outputs, and to advise on how implementable proposed outputs are likely to be. OAB provides guidance on organisational needs and partnership and pilot opportunities, with the goal of encouraging broad community adoption of RDA outputs.
  6. Assisting with Plenary programming and other outreach activities.
  7. Developing of test-beds to support WG pilot projects and distribution of outputs to the community


Organisational Members include:

  • Corporations/Enterprises
  • Universities
  • Research and development agencies
  • Non-profit foundations and/or community organizations
  • Libraries
  • Consultant firms 
  • Funders
  • Other types of organisation not listed above that have an interest in furthering the goal of the RDA and have an intent to adopt RDA’s infrastructure solutions.


Benefits for Organisational Members include:

  • Attending Organisational Assembly meetings and electing the Organisational Advisory Board and its co-Chairs
  • Exclusive visibility and speaking opportunities at RDA bi-annual plenary meetings (both Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions and panel discussions)
  • Receiving regular updates on the work of the RDA, including special presentations on outputs and adoption of RDA outputs during monthly meetings
  • Providing advice to the RDA Council through the Organisational Advisory Board
  • Being recognised on the RDA website and at RDA Meetings as a supporter of data sharing and interoperability
  • Influencing the RDA work and directions on data sharing and interoperability in their sectors, markets and geographies
  • Communicating open job positions in your organisation to whole RDA community (Exclusive to Organisational Members - Use this form)
  • Early-bird reduced RDA Plenary registration fee for all Organisational Members extended through to the start of the Plenary (Exclusive to Organisational Members)
  • Having the opportunity to act as early adopters of RDA Recommendations and other outputs
  • Exchanging news, strategies and policies across organisations and geographical jurisdictions. 

Quarterly Newsletter

The Organisational Members Newsletter provides a quarterly summary of RDA activities including new Working and Interest Group and Communities of Practice and published recommendations and outputs.



Organisation Membership Annual Fees:


FTE – Full Time Employees
HIC – High Income Countries | LMIC – Low and Middle Income Countries – as defined by World Bank 
FP - For profit | NFP Not for-profit

If there is interest from your organisation to become an RDA Organisational Member, please fill in one of the on-line application forms.


RDA Affiliate Members:

The Research Data Alliance is delighted to form agreements and collaborate with like-minded organisations in order to coordinate efforts in mutual areas of interest and benefit to the community, according to the following criteria:

  • Having a related mission to RDA and directly or indirectly contributing to data sharing & interoperability
  • Currently working globally
  • Defining and implementing explicit points of collaboration with RDA in an MoU such as joint WG/IGs, adoption agreements, shared services, etc. which would deliver mutual benefit
  • Providing an equivalent affiliate role for RDA in their organisation (preferably with voting rights)

If you believe that your organisation fullfils the above criteria and wants to become an RDA Organisational Affiliate member, please contact enquiries[at]

See the list of Organisational and Affiliate members.