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08 May 2020 14823 reads

The following are agreements between RDA and numerous organisations pertaining to openly sharing and reusing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society.

Many of these joint statements and activities are related to RDA Affiliate Members



Data Together

Co-signatories CODATA, GOFAIR, RDA, WDS
Focus Articulating the collaboration among the four major international data organisations to optimize the research data ecosystem
Statement Link Data Together Statement (March 2020)
Related Activities

Data Together COVID-19 Appeal And Actions (March 2020)

Data Together: Fostering Cooperation Among Open Science Platforms (March 2021)



Joint Statement on Record Management

Focus COVID-19: The duty to document does not cease in a crisis, it becomes more essential. Calling on governments, businesses, and research institutions around the world to document their decisions and transactions now and for the future.
Statement Link The Duty to Document does not Cease in a Crisis, It becomes more Essential (May 2020) - English Version
Related Activities The Duty to Document does not Cease in a Crisis, It becomes more Essential (May 2020)
  • EN - COVID-19: The duty to document is essential
  • FR - COVID Bien documenter est essential v2
  • ES - COVID El deber de documentar


The TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories (May 2020)

Co-signatories View full list here.
Action Other organizations are invited to endorse the TRUST Principles and may endorse them by contacting enquiries[at]
Focus An RDA community effort has led to the development and publication, in Nature Scientific Data, of the article, “The TRUST Principles for digital repositories”. These principles offer guidance for maintaining the trustworthiness of digital repositories, especially those responsible for the stewardship of research data.
Statement Link The TRUST Principles for Digital Repositories (May 2020)



The RDA and STM Research Data Year (RDY)

Co-signatories RDA, STM
Focus Statement of Intent to further RDA and STM collaboration within the framework of the STM Research Data Year (RDY)
Statement Link Statement of Intent to further RDA and STM collaboration (July 2020)
Related Activities RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines for Data Sharing: How STM Publishers can Contribute


RDA Affiliate Members are like-minded organisations with whom RDA signs an agreement in order to coordinate efforts in mutual areas of interest and benefit to the community. Criteria for RDA Affiliate members include having a related mission to RDA and directly or indirectly contributing to data sharing & interoperability; working globally; and defining and implementing explicit points of collaboration with RDA. Learn more at