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Overview and Objectives

The mission of the RDA is to build the social and technical bridges that enable the open sharing of data use and re-use. As a cross-cutting organization that simultaneously builds the data community, the RDA serves the broader research community and strengthens the integration between the two. The RDA community spans domain disciplines (genomics, marine science, agriculture, social science, digital humanities, chemistry, materials science, Earth and space sciences, biomedical and health science, etc.), information disciplines (computer science, information science, library science, archival science) and practitioners and professionals from data-focused and data-enabled organizations and enterprises. A key strength of the RDA is the establishment of global regions to support and sustain the entire system. Specific objectives of the RDA-US include building and capitalizing on expanding the knowledge of open use and re-use of data sharing within the US, supporting global operations, and strengthening the data science infrastructure community. 

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Representing a single component of the larger Region of the Americas, the RDA-US constitutes roughly 25% of the entire RDA membership. During FY20, the RDA-US community increased its collaboration with organizations within the national and international data community. Partnerships, regional engagement, and joint projects and groups reinforced the mission of RDA and the RDA-US to connect organizations with shared interests in overcoming challenges related to research data sharing. Members within the RDA-US currently serve as co-Chairs of more than 27% of the global RDA group leadership roles.

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Funders of the RDA-US include the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, as well as other foundations.

Adoption of Recommendations and Outputs

Additionally, the RDA-US has played an important role in fostering and advancing the dissemination and adoption of recommendations and outputs. Materials and resources are available and easily accessible, including Executive Summaries detailing RDA outputs and recommendations. The RDA-US continues to provide educational webinars on various topics and provides the infrastructure support necessary to aid Interest Groups and Working Groups in meeting their respective objectives.

How to Become a Member of RDA and RDA-US

Registration is free to individual members by simply completing the online form and subscribing to RDA’s Guiding Principles. Learn more about the value of becoming an individual RDA member.

Organizational membership is also an option for organizations interested in having a larger role within RDA. In RDA-US, organizational membership includes organizations from corporations, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions across 95% of the country. Specific membership benefits for organizations include:

  • Attending Organizational Assembly meetings and electing the Organizational Advisory Board and its Co-chairs;
  • Receiving regular updates on the work of the RDA, including updates directly from the RDA Council at each Plenary;
  • Providing advice to the RDA Council through the Organizational Advisory Board; Being recognized on the RDA Website and at RDA Meetings as a supporter of data sharing and interoperability;
  • Influencing the RDA work and directions on data sharing and interoperability in their sectors, markets, and geographies;
  • Communicating open job positions in your organization to the whole RDA community (Exclusive to Organizational Members);
  • Early-bird reduced RDA Plenary registration fee for all Organizational Members extended through to the start of the Plenary (Exclusive to Organizational Members);
  • Having the opportunity to act as early adopters of RDA Recommendations and other outputs;
  • Exchanging news, strategies, and policies across regions.

Learn more about the value of becoming an organizational member.

If interested in becoming an organizational member, please review the application for the Organizational Assembly (OA).

Contact Us

For more information on becoming either an individual or organizational member and contributing to the RDA-US regional effort, please contact us at rdaus(at)rda-foundation.org or via the RDA contact form.

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